Studio 103_Design Studio

Studio 103 and McCormack Property Services wanted to convert a tired former textiles factory on one of the busiest streets in Melbourne into a contemporary design hub that fosters coworking, collaboration and creative ideas. Luckily, they had one of the best design and build partnerships in the business to deliver it.

We designed the floorplate as a group of zones that would encourage staff to interact and collaborate, while also providing them with space to break away and focus. Workstations were broken up by a glazed boardroom, open kitchen and breakout space, and plenty of lush greenery.

Original features of the warehouse were retained and restored, creating an industrial aesthetic with plenty of history and character. However this remains, at its core, a thoroughly contemporary workplace, supporting all the characteristics of modern, agile working and creating an environment in which staff are happy to learn, work and socialise.

Photographer: Jack Lovel