Park House

Built in 1889, Park House was a two storey terrace presenting the textbook challenges of a Victorian: heritage overlay, dark interiors, and a rabbit warren of interconnected rooms at the rear thanks to a 1970s renovation. But Studio 103 also saw a goldmine of high ceilings and elegant period features ready to be showcased, celebrated and brought into the 21st century.

Our brief was to transform the house in just three months, working within the existing building footprint, repurposing existing elements and features, and relying on materials and products that were readily available. Together with architect Michael Iacuone, we restored the front rooms to their original grandeur, and remodelled the rear with adjoining kitchen, dining and living spaces that brought fluidity and natural light to the narrow floorplan.

Natural materials like marble, stone, timber, copper and brass create a luxurious, contemporary palette that will age with the house, rather than overpowering its original features, creating a harmonious balance between old and new.

Photographer: Dan Hocking / Stylist: Marsha Golemac