About us
We are a young, energetic team of multidisciplinary design professionals with extensive experience in the commercial, workplace, hospitality, retail and lifestyle sectors.
Our diversity is our greatest asset, helping us get to the core of our clients’ business, understand their challenges & objectives, and work with them to develop a design solution that will help them work better now and in the future
Alex Brookes
Studio Director

*On Maternity Leave

Alex is a specialist in workplace design, with more than eight years’ experience working across the commercial, residential and hospitality sectors. Her extensive product knowledge, forging of strong client relationships and passion for workplace strategy has equipped her to manage Studio 103 and lead projects from engagement to completion.

Contact: alex@studio103.com.au


Nicky Karim
Design Director

Nicky is an expert at translating briefs into architectural design solutions, which respond to each unique client need. She has fifteen years’ experience in multiple sectors, has led a vast array of projects & worked on multi-award winning projects throughout her career. Her core philosophy focuses on design innovation and is pivotal to how she leads the design team at Studio 103

Contact: nicky@studio103.com.au

Stephanie Webb
Studio Manager

Stephanie has a strong understanding in the high-end residential & event design sectors, with 6 year’s experience in the industry. She believes building & nurturing professional & personal relationships is a big part of what makes this industry so exciting. Stephanie is a very critical member of our team and co ordinates all aspects of the studio so that it can function at it’s full potential.

Bella Stewart Gibson
Accounts Manager

Bella plays an integral role within our studio, assisting behind the scenes with proposals, submissions & internal team coordination.
She is Studio 103’s organisational whiz, and has considerable experience in project management and administration.

Vanessa Serruto
Senior Interior Designer

Vanessa has managed the design of numerous projects across a wide variety of sectors. She enjoys building strong relationships with her clients, enabling her to truly understand their needs and successfully deliver a project vision from its 2D sketch plan into a built environment. She has a optimistic approach, commitment to design excellence, extensive product knowledge and a keen eye for detail.

Alanah Dougan
Senior Interior Designer

*On Maternity Leave

Alanah’s experience extends to a vast array of project scales and phases. This diverse background has equipped her with the fundamentals to provide a holistic approach to each design solution. Alanah’s strength lies in comprehensive design from the concept phase through to project completion, and her background in Project Management provides a crucial understanding of the overall design process.



Angeline Chan
Interior Designer

Bringing her experience from Malaysia, Angeline has extensive experience in customised interior architecture & joinery design to achieve a client’s vision. She enjoys all designs from 3D visualisation to arts & crafts. Her ability on 3D modelling, documentation & keen eye for detail, enables her to deliver projects from initial briefing, design presentation, construction and practical completion.



Chloe Lamberton
Interior Designer

Chloe uses her well-rounded knowledge within the commercial and residential sectors to offer an engaging and distinctive design tailored for each client. Her passion for interior design allows her to recognise the importance of inclusivity and accessibility for all, bringing a detailed and balanced approach to every stage of the project.

Alfie Lee
Interior Designer

Alfie is experienced in working across various teams ranging from council members to project managers. He understands that every project is unique & enjoys working closely with clients to establish strong relationships based on mutual trust & clear communication. Alfie’s passion for the industry coupled with a bold & collaborative design approach provides him with the platform to create spaces that are loved by clients & the wider community.


Amy Gibson
Interior Designer

Amy is a young designer with a variety of experience across the commercial & residential sectors. She is someone who understands the importance of strong concepts, relationships and the confidence required for producing great designs. Her easy-going, down to earth nature is a great asset to have as she works across all areas in the studio and is always ready to assist the team wherever she can to bring projects across the line.


Dale Templeton
Lead Technician

Dale manages the architectural documentation and specifications of Studio 103’s projects, working collaboratively with the design team to ensure brief and design are delivered with a high level of quality and attention to detail. He has over two decades’ experience as a draftsperson and interior technician, working in Australia, South Africa & Dubai (UAE).


George brings some special skills, plenty of enthusiasm and excitement to the team, with a “go-getter” attitude. He is very eager to learn and gets along with everyone! He encourages the team to take regular breaks when we are buried deep in deadlines.